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Source: Adobe Stock/Christian Pedant

Starting signal for MonViA

The "National Monitoring of Biodiversity in Agricultural Landscapes" has begun.


Hello again!

- A face-to-face meeting of the MonViA team was a long time coming. But on 9-10 March the time has come to stick our heads together at a workshop in Braunschweig.

MonViA event information

- On board of the MS Science in Braunschweig - Join the MonViA wild bee team in front of the booth on board to the nearby Okeraue to learn more about the pollinator monitoring.

nützLINK goes online!

- Together with volunteers, one can monitor beneficial insects in agricultural landscapes - whether in orchards or in sugar beet cultivation. Register and join in via the new website on beneficial insect monitoring.

On the ground insights

- Within the testing phase of the monitoring concept "Weed Diversity", the occurrence and diversity of arable weeds are monitored on about 60 areas in Brandenburg and Lower Saxony.